2018 > Life on the Batture (What Will Come of Us?)

What Will Come of Us? (Orange)
What Will Come of Us? (Orange)
Salvaged house paint from Algiers Point in New Orleans (enamel, latex, vinyl, plaster) décollage, on canvas
68" x 54"

The creation of these artworks intended to investigate ownership and renewal are ironic in their material choices; by synthesizing petrochemicals to create latex and enamel house paints, industry consequently left New Orleans vulnerable to ecological, economic and natural disaster. The great paradox of this location being the natural resources which provide the area with economic wealth are also the means of destroying the area. Using materials rooted from a traumatic location speaks to the perseverance of the human spirit in times of devastation and turmoil. These paintings reflect the tension between surviving the trauma but struggling to move forward. All paint was sourced from an abandoned structure which previously served as slave quarters in Algiers Point, New Orleans, LA.